Exhibition Playable RPG Ryan Browning£ 70.00 

Geo Necro is an exhibition and exhibition-in-print curated and created by Casey Jex Smith and Ryan Browning, featuring the artwork of 88 contemporary artists. This box set also functions as a playable tabletop RPG adventure (written to work best with 1st Edition D&D, but adaptable to other systems). The exhibition of actual artworks was held in May 2016 at ADA Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, USA. This box set is produced as an edition of 200.

Box set includes: an original, 36-page laser printed adventure module zine written and designed by Ryan Browning, a handmade 12-page laser printed map zine w/ artwork by Casey Jex Smith, a foldout laser print of Gary Kachadourian’s Dwarven Warrior and Ancestor’s Tomb, 155 digitally printed cards (one for each artwork in the exhibition), a pencil, a 20-sided die, and screenprinted, lasercut, and thermo-formed box elements made by Casey and Ryan.