Porcelain charm Kerchung£ 22.00 

Kerchung is Karen Cheung - illustrator, artist, passionate maker and curious learner.
Each piece of Kerchung jewellery is carefully crafted by hand, infused with tongue-in-cheek humour and laced with a vicious edge. Porcelain clay is wrestled into shape, fired and sanded, decorated by the most patient hands, glazed and fired again. Those with 22k gold lustre detail are decorated and fired a third time, making each piece a labour of love and one of a kind. Slight imperfections are part of the charm of this collection, and reflect the handmade nature of our products.
All created by Karen in her tiny shed in the garden.

Each is hand-formed from porcelain and decorated with 22k gold lustre to look like a capsule pill with a happy face on one side and a sad one on the other, so you can wear it to suit your mood. It is hung on a 14k gold-filled open jump ring so you can add it to your necklace or use as a charm to dangle off your bag or coat.

As with all of our porcelain pieces, take care not to bang them on hard surfaces and don’t wear them for swimming or bathing.

Dimensions approx. 13-15mm tall (not including bail or jump ring) x 6-7mm wide.