Porcelain cup Sanzoku£ 55.00 

"SANZOKU" is a cute and eccentric pottery brand that can be used as an art piece while actually being used.

Handling Precautions
"sanzoku" is a one-of-a-kind tableware made by hand. Unlike the molding method with a potter's wheel or a mold, the soil is compressed and molded only with the force of the fingers of the hand, so you can enjoy a gentle expression, but unlike other molding methods, it is easy to chip. There may be some fragile places. Since it is a handmade item that is different from the ready-made item, please understand and understand it before shopping.

Also, depending on the glaze used, there may be a lot of fine crack patterns found in handmade pottery called intrusive rock.
Intrusive rock has the characteristic that it gives a tasteful look when used.
If you are worried about it, there is a way to stop it by soaking it in warm rice broth and at the same time avoid coloring it.

The gold and silver (gold, silver) parts are baked, but they are semi-permanent, so they may fade or change color as they are used. Also, it may come off if rubbed with a hard sponge. Please understand the atmosphere and taste of the passage of time. The gold content of gold is 6%.

The product photos may differ slightly from the actual colour and texture. please note that.

8cm x 8cm